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Obama Spotlights Mental Health


President Barack Obama shakes hands with Janelle Montano, a public mental health speaker for ActiveMinds, at a conference on mental health at the White House in Washington, DC, June 3, 2013

Continuing his administration’s efforts to address gun violence and mental health in the wake of last year’s Newtown school shootings, President Barack Obama on Monday pledged that his administration will help “bring mental illness out of the shadows.”

“There should be no shame in discussing or seeking help for treatable illnesses that affect too many people that we love,” he said in opening remarks at a White House conference on mental health awareness. “We’ve got to get rid of that embarrassment, we’ve got to get rid of that stigma. Too many Americans who struggle with illnesses are still suffering in silence rather than seeking help.”

Read more about the President's remarks here.


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  • Marcy Gilstad from Active Minds at Alma College says:

    marcy_gilstad_-_alma"Active Minds appeals to the commonalities of the entire student body as we all know someone affected by mental health issues and we all want to know how to help. As a Resident Assistant on campus, I can see the impact we are making - the counseling center is no longer invisible and the term depression is no longer taboo."