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Active Minds featured on
NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams featured Active Minds Founder & Executive Director Alison Malmon on a special segment on suicide prevention and the Send Silence Packing display. 


active minds in the news

  • WATCH: Send Silence Packing Fall 2014 tour highlights the importance of fighting stigma on college campuses and the need for suicide prevention  (10/08/2014)

  • Send Silence Packing has powerful impact on students at Pensacola State College (10/07/2014)

  • Active Minds chapter leaders at the University of Massachussets Amherst share how Active Minds has positively impacted the UMass campus and encouraged open discussions about mental health (10/02/2014)

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  • Joe Fraioli from University of Iowa says:

    joe_update"During my college experience I have learned what it means to be an advocate - a discovery that was fundamentally shaped through my involvement with Active Minds.  My involvement has helped me take my own experiences, both positive and negative, and use them to help others who may also be silenced by the stigmas associated with mental illness."