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Alison Malmon Featured in NBC Public Service Announcement


NBC4 Washington chose Active Minds Founder & Executive Director Alison Malmon to appear in a public service announcement for Changing Minds, a year-long project aiming to shed light on mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. 


active minds in the news

  • Alison Malmon on founding Active Minds and the importance of battling stigma (9/10/2014)

  • Sara Abelson, senior director of programs at Active Minds, highlights importance of having an open dialogue about mental health (9/1/2014)

  • Active Minds Founder and Executive Director Alison Malmon reflects on her brother's suicide and highlights importance of mental health awareness in college (06/23/2014)

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  • Jessica Grantham from Active Minds at Wofford College says:

    jessica_grantham_-_wofford"I came to college thinking all my worries would disappear. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that depression does not fix itself. Being a part of Active Minds showed me that while counseling and medication are very important, a group of supportive and understanding students is also helpful and important for recovery."