Samantha's Testimonial

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Samantha Sekulich from Active Minds at Lake Forest College says:

samantha sActive Minds is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. During high school, I went to an alternative school, mostly for kids with some sort of mental heath disorder that affects their school work. At that school, I was in a community every day of people who completely understood my bipolar disorder, without me having to explain it to them or being judged. When I got to college however, I did not realize how tough losing that community would be for me. I had found communities for other parts of my life but not for one of the most important aspects, my mental health. In this new world I was very much on my own and it made freshman year of college all that much harder to deal with. 

It wasn't until the end of freshman year that this amazing girl approached me wanting to start this new group called Active Minds, which was about mental health awareness. I was immediately on board to help her! I have been a leader since we founded the chapter here and it's been so rewarding! And when I went through some tough times dealing with my bipolar disorder towards the end of sophomore year, that same girl who founded our chapter was immediately there for me and supported me. I wouldn't have been able to get through it without my friends from Active Minds! As I look back, in high school I was taught to stand up for myself regarding my mental health, but in college Active Minds has shown me how to stand up for mental health as a cause and it's something I will fight for the rest of my life!



  • Jeremy Bersin from Active Minds at UConn says:

    jeremy_bersin"From the onset, I realized how exceptional the Active Minds program is. Not only does it give students a voice on campus to express themselves on mental health issues, but it also attempts to do something much, much bigger- lower the perceived shame and the definite stigma that surrounds mental health in our country."