Memorial & Honorary Giving

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Send Silence Packing at Wesleyan University

Memorial and Honorary gifts can be a touching way to honor the life and memory of a friend or relative and a great way to celebrate someone special in your life, while reaching out to others in need by supporting Active Minds work. Honorary gifts can also be given for birthdays, weddings, or as tokens of appreciation.

Be sure to include the name of the individual as well as the family's contact information when donating online or by mail. Active Minds will always notify the family or friends of the individual or persons being honored. If you prefer to mail your donation, download our donation form

If you prefer to make a donation by phone, please contact us at (202) 332-9595.

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  • Ashleigh Morris from Active Minds at SUNY at Old Westbury says:

    ashleighmorris"The chapter members took me in like I was their sister and have become my second family. They have saved my life for the better and I don't know how I am ever going to repay them.