Unite for Mental Health

Help create safe spaces in your community - sign on and display your sticker today.


Starts the conversation about hidden secrets and struggles

Send Silence Packing

Active Minds' acclaimed national program is raising awareness of the 1,100 college students who die by suicide each year.

Emerging Scholars Fellowship

Supports the next generation of researchers and advocates in mental health

Awareness Campaigns

Student led programming on critical topics in mental health

National Mental Heallth on Campus Conference

Hundreds of advocates come together to network and learn

Student-led Chapters

Represent the student voice in mental health on over 400 campuses

Active Minds Speakers Bureau

Young adults sharing their stories and eradicating stigma

Active Minds takes a comprehensive, grassroots approach to promoting mental health.  We hope you'll join us.  Through student-led chapters and national programs we are educating and inspiring the next generation of mental health advocates. Our impactful programs harness the power of the student voice to create communities that care about mental health. 

Programming at Active Minds is developed based on the latest research as well as input and expertise from our students, our Student Advisory Committee and our National Advisory Committee.  This feedback helps ensure that our programs are innovative and relevant to our diverse audiences on campuses across the country. 

Our programs include:



  • Sarah Berendt from Active Minds at Lourdes University says:

    sarahberendt"For the longest time, I believed that I was destined to live a life of pills, doctors and therapists to survive life with a mental illness. But through Active Minds, I have learned that I can not only survive, I can thrive.