Conference Awards

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Chapter, Student, Advisor and Alumni awards

Active Minds recognizes the tremendous efforts and dedication of our student leaders, advisors, alumni and campus chapters at our annual Mental Health on Campus Conference. The Active Minds staff, board and advisory committees are indebted to you for advancing the work of Active Minds across the country.  These awards recognize the change you are making on campuses.


award guidelines
chapter awards student_awards
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2012-2013 Award Nomination Guidelines


Nominations for 2012-2013 awards are now closed.

  • IMPORTANT: Nominations must be submitted for work done during the 2012-2013 academic year
  • Self-nominations are encouraged
  • Multiple nominations for different individuals and/or awards are allowed
  • Completion of a nomination form does not guarantee an award
  • Winners will be notified beforehand, and announced formally at the Active Minds Mental Health on Campus Conference on November 15, 2013 in Washington, DC
  • To receive an award, nominees or their chapter representatives must be present at the conference


Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year Award

This award recognizes a Five-Star Chapter that sets itself apart by being an invaluable asset to its campus.  The Active Minds Chapter of the Year has an effective executive board and passionate chapter members, hosts innovative programs that reach a large portion of their school, and makes significant strides in changing its' campus culture surrounding mental health. This award is open to all Active Minds chapters who are in good standing with the national organization.


Chapter Innovation Award

Active Minds will recognize a chapter that has demonstrated particular creativity and innovation in programming around mental health. This award is open to all registered Active Minds chapters in good standing.


Road-Runner Award

Active Minds will recognize a chapter that registered with the Active Minds office on or after July 1, 2012 and hit the ground running on programming, leadership formation, and awareness efforts on its' campus. This award is only open to newly registered Active Minds chapters in good standing.


Uniting Voices Award

Active Minds will recognize a chapter that has succeeded in building diverse coalitions of individuals, organizations, and other partners on campus in order to break barriers and build understanding of Active Minds and our mission across the board. Chapters that have brought an array of groups and identities together in their program planning and educational initiatives, including different levels of the administration and faculty, to reach diverse audiences (athletes, LGBTQ students, students of color, fraternities and sororities, etc.) should apply for this award. This award is open to all registered Active Minds chapters in good standing.



Student Awards

Katherine P. Dahl Student Leader of the Year

This award is given to a student who has made significant contributions of personal time and talent to the Active Minds cause at his or her school. The Katharine P. Dahl Student of the Year recipient has led by example, set a standard of excellence, displayed leadership, facilitated change in the campus climate surrounding mental health, built coalitions, involved others in advocacy efforts, and developed trust with members of his or her campus community as a person dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health.


Advisor Awards

Robert Garrett Advisor of the Year Award

This award is given to the advisor of an Active Minds chapter who provides clarity, support, and meaningful counsel to his or her chapter. The Robert Garrett Advisor of the Year recipient has demonstrated dedication to his or her chapter that goes well beyond the basics and has empowered his or her Active Minds chapter members to successfully use their voice to change the conversation about mental health on their campus. 



Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is given to a former member of an Active Minds chapter for outstanding achievement or service to his or her community, Active Minds, Inc. and/or the field of mental health advocacy by raising awareness and removing stigma around mental illness and mental health. The recipient embodies the mission and values of Active Minds and demonstrates clear efforts to keep mental health education and advocacy a priority in his or her life. Contributions to Active Minds, Inc. may be a consideration, but not a requirement. The recipient of this award must have completed all of his or her studies with a diploma, graduate or undergraduate, by July 1, 2012. 







  • Johnny Estrada from Active Minds at Cerritos College says:

    johnny"As a suicide survivor, I know life can be unpredictable, with all its highs and lows. Fortunately, life has greater plans for me, even though along the road I had to learn how to manage the barriers and obstacles that came my way.