here for you

take the Here For You pledge

I am here for you. This means…

here for you I will listen actively to you when you are struggling, without judgement.

This looks like responding to you with validation and appreciation, such as “I believe you,” and “I’m glad you chose to share.” It’s offering support, and when you are ready, exploring resources and tools that may help. It’s recognizing that even though I may not be able to relate directly to your experience, it is real and valid. It’s letting you know that seeking help is a sign of strength, and it’s asking what support looks like to you. 

here for you I will model kindness, trust, and vulnerability.

This looks like offering an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment while setting reasonable expectations around confidentiality. It’s setting my own boundaries that model self-care, respect, and personal accountability. It’s offering the benefit of the doubt and generous interpretations of what you are expressing so that I may fully understand where you are coming from.

here for you pledge I will learn about the mental health resources available in my community.

This looks like a commitment to continued learning about the mental health options available that may serve you. It’s doing my best to help you find resources and tools that work for you to continue moving the conversation forward.

here for you pledge I will commit to continuing the conversation.

This looks like ongoing check-ins with you and being a consistent source of support within my own emotional capacity. It looks like offering accountability and encouragement to help you reach your goals.


My goal is to do my best to ensure that you feel heard, validated, and supported in whatever you are going through. Together, we are creating a space that acknowledges our holistic well-being – mental, physical, and emotional – as individuals and as a community. 


I am here for you.