“An overachiever from the very beginning, and he displayed in many ways his own compassion. He was caring for others from a young age…”

Sean Keefer A "Perfect" Brother and Tender Soul
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“A Yiddish term, “mensch,” refers to someone who lives up to what a person should in terms of their ethics and their compassion. [Danny] was a mensch…”

Danny Cramer A Brilliant Writer and Explorer Lost to Suicide
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“Kyle was so compassionate when he was alive. Through the KyleCares Foundation, he continues to care for people after he’s gone...”

Kyle Johnson A Caring Brother and Son Who Could Make Anyone Laugh
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“A non-judgmental space for yourself and for others: that alone could save a life.”

Antonio Acosta A Beloved Father Lost to Suicide
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“If you would seek help from a doctor or a trainer for an injury, why wouldn’t you go to a therapist and get the help you need mentally? Unpack what you’ve been through and grow.”

Tre Moss Coping With the Loss of a Loved One With a Supportive Community
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“Fortunately, I resisted the urge and upon finding my path to recovery and healing, I embraced the light.”

Pablo Campos Recovering from Addiction and Attempted Suicide
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“Individuals with lived experience are diamonds. They’ve gone through an extremely difficult time and come out of it hurt, yes, but also here.”

Sam Brinton Surviving Conversion Therapy and Identity/Culture Clash
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“Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one thinking these thoughts. It can be extremely exhausting, but I promise you, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.”

Kelsey Pacetti Suicide Attempt Survivor Becomes Avid Advocate Around Borderline Personality Disorder
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“Seek someone to talk to, even if it’s a friend, to express your feelings, let them out, and know that you’re not alone.”

Katrina Tagget Her Backpack Travels the Country, Like She Had Always Wanted To
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“In retrospect, Kaleigh was suffering from mental illness, but she felt abnormal, alone, and like she couldn’t talk to anyone about it.”

Kaleigh Finnie They Called Her the “Tina Fey of the Friend Group”
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“When someone is struggling, get eye to eye with them. It’s very important not to be above them, but to be there for them, with them.”

Kevin Briggs Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge
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“This idea that no matter how hard you try to assimilate, you will never be American enough or Chinese enough...”

Diana Chao A First-Generation, Chinese American’s Story of Survival
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“No matter how difficult a time you’re in, you’ll overcome. It’s hard work, but you will get through it. If I did it, you can do it.”

Kai Roberts A Journey with Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts
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These stories contain personal accounts from individuals that have experienced suicidal ideation, attempted to end their life, or have lost a loved one to suicide.