Active Minds for Every Mind Ambassadors – Class of 2019

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Meet our Active Minds for Every Mind Ambassadors, a cohort of student advocates from campuses across California!

The Ambassador program is part of the Active Minds for Every Mind Equity Initiative, which was created and piloted in 2016 with the generous support of the California counties, through CalMHSA. The goal of the project is to strengthen and diversify Active Minds chapters by enhancing mental health messaging and organizing programs that are inclusive and culturally responsive. The Initiative works to expand and diversify chapter membership base and overall campus reach through collaborative partnerships and work with key stakeholders. The project also aims to increase familiarity with Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement and connect students to resources.

This year, Ambassadors selected a student population of their choice to focus on and increase outreach to through programming on their campus. The Ambassadors worked with several communities including: first-generation students, commuter students, LGBTQ+ identifying students, disabled students, and members of Greek Life.

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Amanda Ambriz

California State University Fresno

Liberal Studies major, Theatre Arts minor

I got involved  with Active Minds because I am very passionate about changing the stigma around mental health. I’ve seen how mental health has not only affected those around me, but myself as well. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and a lot of people tend to overlook that.


Bianca Corsdo

California State University San Marcos


I’ve been involved in Active Minds since 2015 when I joined the chapter at Palomar College. Since then I had been involved with leadership as a Vice President and President of the Active Minds. After transferring to Cal State San Marcos, I continued my involvement with Active Minds by joining the CSUSM chapter.


Iliana Favila-De La Trinidad

University of California, San Diego

Clinical Psychology (Minor: Cognitive Science)

Mental health has always been important to me, so I was unexpectedly surprised to learn about an organization dedicated to it my freshman year at UC San Diego! Since then, I have been involved in Active Minds during all my four years at UC San Diego, serving as the Advocacy Subcommittee Head during my last two years. I love being able to meet and work with people who are also passionate about advocating for mental health, and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to be an ambassador!


Liz Frissell

Occidental College

Philosophy Major, Pre-Law Track

Hey y’all, my name is Liz Frissell. I’m a first-year student from Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of Active Minds, I am involved with my school’s Law Society, and I work as a Geometry and Calculus TA. I am on my Active Minds chapter’s fundraising committee, and help run our bi-monthly fundraisers.


Gabriel Garcia

University of California, San Diego


Hi everyone, my name’s Gabriel Garcia, a 4th year Psychology major at UC San Diego. A short introduction for me: I love watching football (can’t wait for the Super Bowl) and absolutely love playing video games as well (currently playing the newly released Resident Evil 2). In Active Minds, along with my cohort partner Iliana, we’re working on a survey that researches the current views on mental health on our campus. We’re excited and hopeful to use these results and advocate for mental health related changes on our campus.


Anaiya Jenkins

Moreno Valley College


Hello everyone. As someone that has been in the shoes of one suffering from mental distress, I chose to be on the opposite end of the stigma and fight for the people whose voices needed to be heard. I am passionate about creating conversations that need to be had and I believe that if that means becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, then so be it!


Ciara Kelly


Communications and Public Affairs

As a student at a large public university, I was impacted by those around me struggling with mental illness from the beginning; I saw it, I felt it, and I experienced grief in regards to it. Active Minds stepped in my freshman year to offer me an outlet where everyone around me understood the importance of mental health and changing the conversation, and it was refreshing. I personally became marketing director for our chapter in order to find the intersection between Communications and mental health. Through that I have been driven to create a community online that connects people from any background, geographical location, and sector of society in a safe place to advocate for and discuss mental health on college campuses. This has made me realize the power of technology to make an impact on the social world and has inspired me to bring that into my future career.


Irene Li

Occidental College


I have been an active member of Active Minds because I enjoy the efforts they put into destigmatizing mental health and promoting general mental health condition among all of us.


Do Ngoc Linh Ha

College of San Mateo


I’m an international student from Vietnam! I’ve been a member of Active Mind for 2 years. I love how we can support each other and educated students about mental health.


Kiana Malabanan 

San Diego State University

Interdisciplinary Studies: Communications, Psychology, & Counseling and School Psychology

I am a passionate, multicultural, first-generation woman who is earning a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Counseling and School Psychology, Communications, and Psychology. I want to become a Marriage Family Therapist. I have been involved with Active Minds SDSU since last year, my sophomore year. I now hold the treasurer position on our executive board. I love being a part of my chapter because it has allowed me to find a true passion, due to the fact that I have experienced mental health illnesses of my own. I aspire to inspire, by spreading positivity and awareness for mental health. I also want to help other individuals be the best that they could be while living a healthy, strong, and thriving life. Outside of my school and work life, I love to spend time with my loved ones, shop (I love fashion), adventure to new places, relax at the beach, eat delicious food, and go to music festivals, concerts, and amusement parks.


Liana Marin

San Diego State University

I/O Psychology

I am a third year at San Diego State University! I have been a part of Active Minds for about a year and a half. I became interested after our annual suicide prevention outreach. I also serve as a Peer Educator for Counseling and Psychological Services, where we partner with Active Minds to hold educational outreaches on campus and reduce the stigma around mental health. I first became interested in mental health from working at a local crisis and intervention hotline where I worked with diverse populations about various mental health issues. Through my involvement and applying what I have learned in my Psychology classes, I am so passionate about sparking conversations surrounding mental health and empowering others to do the same!


Rebecca Murrell

Cal State University Monterey Bay

Liberal Studies Major and Human Development Minor

I am a third year at California State University Monterey Bay. I am passionate about mental health awareness, as mental health conditions are common in my family. I love being involved and meeting people that are just as passionate about mental health and Each Mind Matters.


Yesenia Nelson

Morano Valley College

General Education

I am returning student  after a long vacation from school. I am passionate about helping others and providing resources and information. I am a peer health educator at my college and the president for our Active Minds club. I am married and have a 17 year old son.


Simone Seliger


Psychobiology and Gender Studies

I am a senior at UCLA and am currently a co-director of the Education Committee of our university’s chapter of Active Minds. Through my involvement with the organization, I have been able to partake and host a variety of extremely powerful events that all play a part of breaking down the stigma of mental health on our campus! As an ambassador for Active Minds National, I am looking forward to putting on an incredible event and gaining more experience with promoting mental health advocacy.


Ciana Thong

California State University, Fresno (Fresno State)


Mental health/illness has influenced my life as long as I can remember. So, I sought out others like me who wanted to make a difference with people who go by unnoticed in silent suffering. So, I started out as a member at our Clovis Community College Chapter then moved up to Vice President. After connecting with the members, and helping to put on a successful and impactful mental health awareness week, I knew I could go far with Active Minds. I had a great passion to continue on with the mission at my 4-year university, as it was one of the last well-known campuses in the area to have a chapter. I hope to do great things with this organization in the near future and help as many people as I can possibly reach during my time as President of the Fresno State Chapter.


Victorionna Tran

College of San Mateo

Computer Science

I am the President of the Active Minds chapter on my college campus, which is how I heard about and came to be part of the Active Minds for Every Minds Ambassador program. Another fun fact about my role with Active Minds is that I’ve designed flyers for every one of our events. In my free time I enjoy watching TV shows on Netflix, as well as drawing, origami, and making small figures with clay.


Megan Young

Cal State San Marcos


My name is Megan Young and I study Psychology at CSUSM. I’ve been involved with Active Minds for about a year and a half and I greatly enjoy it. Active Minds has been one of the great milestones in furthering a productive, supportive, and safe environment for those who do have mental health concerns to speak out and increase the number of people who advocate on their own behalf as well as others who feel they cannot speak up for themselves.  It has helped me as well and I feel it will continue to do so in the future!