Alex’s Something of the Week [2]

Alexander Baughman
Alexander Baughman

[This post is part of Alex’s Something Series. Click here to read Week 1’s post.]


It’s that time again– time for a Mental Health party!

Here’s how I prepare for such a hallowed celebration:

  1. Identify a thought (in which I take stock of what feeling/thought has stuck with me recently, and what prompted it in the first place)
  2. Acknowledge it (in which I refrain from judging myself for feeling/thinking; instead, I just say “hello” to that feeling/thought, overcoming any avoidance of it)
  3. Act on it (in which the empowerment from making any mindful effort prevails over helplessness)

So here’s the theme of my Mental Health party this week:

You’re darn right that’s “Bang-A-Boomerang” by ABBA. And you’re darn right there’s a high probability that they make this series a few times because they’re amazing.

To me, that song is what joy sounds like. It’s like a trip at full-throttle in the Delightmobile to the gleaming towers of Groovetown. (Just me?)

Or maybe it reminds me of being with my family and friends, singing and dancing as loudly as possible. Maybe I really want it to have a deeper meaning of putting positivity out in the world beyond its apparent simple-love-song appearance; maybe I ache for more depth in a seemingly-shallow daily life.

So what can I do about all that? Keep listening to feel that thrill of noise and melody, without doubt. Another option: if I really crave a profound positivity and love which exceeds the surface-level, why not exude that every chance I get? What do I have to lose by choosing cheer over negativity? Certainly that choice will better any interaction I have, and may just create some sort of chain reaction. Why not try to fulfill the lyrics:

Love is always around and you can look for it anywhere…

Every feeling you’re showing

Is a boomerang you’re throwing

What was a feeling you felt this week? What made you feel that way? What is something you can do about it?


This post is part of Alex’s Something Series. Click here to read more.