Blog Posts by Maggie Bertram

Long Term Stress Requires Long Term Strategies

Each spring during Stress Less Week, we focus a great deal on the most present stressors in students’ lives: final exams. This means we also focus on the most immediate methods for dialing back that stress such as taking a walk or yoga class, listening to a comedy podcast, or moderating caffeine intake so that…

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Ways to Cope with Post-Election Stress

The last 18 months have been tiring and anxiety-provoking, with a majority of Americans saying they’ve been worn out by the election. After seeing the results of all the political races at the national, state, and local levels, it seems highly unlikely that every candidate you passionately supported for office this time around was elected. Our…

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#EDAW: How to Be There for Someone with an Eating Disorder

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 22-28. All week long, we’re bringing you blog posts specifically on eating disorder awareness and recovery. Eating disorders are complex mental health issues that have serious physical health implications. No one deals with their eating disorder in the same way, but here are some general tips for being…

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