Practicing Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

Kelsey Pacetti
Kelsey Pacetti

When it comes to love, it’s easy to only focus on our current relationship status, especially today. However, it’s important to remember that all forms of love in our life (platonic love, familial love, and of course, self-love) have a place on Valentine’s Day. That’s why I want to encourage you to put yourself first and carve out time for self-care, starting today!

The quote “You spend most of your life inside your head. Make it a nice place to be,” comes to mind when thinking about the importance of prioritizing our relationship with ourselves. Having alone time where you focus on your well-being and happiness can be life-changing. If you’re not quite sure where to start, or just want some new ideas, here are my tips on practicing self-love:

  • Write it down: The best thing you can do to carve out self-care or alone time is to put it in your calendar! Self-love can be really hard for some people. But the good news is, you don’t have to always love yourself to treat yourself with kindness. Start with self-like and keep carving out time for yourself. Stick to it and make it a habit. It takes time and work. Focus on growing at your own pace and celebrating the small wins, and you’ll see results.
  • Get artistic: I think doing crafts is one of the most relaxing forms of self-care. You can express your feelings, focus on a simple task without the worries of daily life, and end up with something beautiful to display. Find a simple coloring page, paint, or if you’re up for it, maybe even a complex craft on Pinterest! 
  • Step into nature: When was the last time you took a deep breath outside? Take the time to go on a walk, whether it be for ten minutes or an hour. Find a nature trail, walk on campus, or in your neighborhood – wherever you feel most at peace. Listen to the sounds around you, or put your favorite album on shuffle and enjoy being with yourself! 
  • Engage your mind: Unplug from technology and take some time reading a new book, doing a puzzle, or practicing a new skill. These simple tasks can take you out of your day-to-day worries and stress, and instead give you something new and different to focus on.
  • Stop “should-ing” on yourself: Finally, watch your self-talk! Is what you’re thinking something you would say to a friend? It can be easy to tell ourselves we should be doing something else when we are spending time recharging. Is what you’re doing benefitting you mentally, emotionally, or physically? If the answer’s yes, keep doing it! If not, change should to could and make your needs the priority. 

The world is a better place because you’re in it – please show up for yourself every single day because you are so worth loving. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day (and don’t forget to purchase your clearance chocolates tomorrow)!

The photos provided are courtesy of UW-Whitewater Photos/Craig Schreiner.