The more we talk, the more normal it gets

Katia Seitz
Katia Seitz

Last week, I wrote about why I started an Active Minds chapter at my high school.

I wanted to follow up to tell you about Lucia, a 14-year-old who began coming to our meetings. Lucia is shy, has braces, and is only a freshman. Even so, she volunteered to give a speech about mental health to the whole school. It was awesome. And because she spoke up, a lot of students have opened up to her.

There’s been a noticeable shift at my school. Students talk now. It’s not easy to be open about your struggles in front of other people, but we’re learning that the more we talk, the more normal it gets, and the more support people will find.

Through Active Minds, we’ve created a ripple of change. Lucia and others will continue the Active Minds chapter and grow its impact even after I graduate.

Each of us can start a ripple effect. Each of us can make a difference. Active Minds empowers thousands of young people like me and Lucia to support and educate each other about mental health and suicide prevention. We couldn’t do it without you.


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