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Young Adults Speaking Out About Mental Health Through COVID-19

“Several of the students expressed the real challenge to practice self-care and balance with an unknown future and so much that feels out of control. Working to prioritize mental health with pressures around accomplishment and achievement is a pronounced experience of these past few months, according to these young adults – they find themselves wondering…

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6 Things To Know About Mental Health During COVID-19

“Wherever we are sheltering, no matter how physically distanced we are from the people we typically would be spending time with, we’re all in this together. Together, we’re going to get through it. Your experiences are uniquely challenging, and no matter what anyone else is experiencing, what you are going through matters. We are experiencing…

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Oh, but my dear, what if you soar

“I used to force myself to take the sweater off. It would come off and immediately, I would feel the tension rise from my stomach all the way to my forehead. I would get a headache, my neck and jaw clenched. Sometimes I’d try to push through it, but that never worked. I’ve learned to…

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