Mental Health Microaggressions FAQ

“The weather is so bipolar.”

The word “bipolar” is often used flippantly to describe unpredictability. This use of “bipolar” is offensive and further stigmatizing towards someone who lives with bipolar disorder. Instead, say what you really mean, such as “The weather has been so unpredictable lately.” Check out our resources on bipolar disorder to learn more.

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“You don’t look sick.”

Mental health issues look differently on everyone. It’s not possible to accurately judge how someone is doing emotionally simply by looking at them. Instead, when someone lets you know they are struggling, let them know that you believe them and seek to validate them even as you are still trying to understand.

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“They are acting crazy.”

The word “crazy” has a history of being derogatory to people dealing with mental health issues. It’s best to avoid using “crazy,” and to say what you really mean instead, such as “I can’t believe they are acting that way!” or “That’s wild!”

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