Updating the National Office on Your Chapter

Is it possible to be highlighted in emails, social media, or on the blog?

Yes! Tell us about what you’re up to. If you’ve got an excellent program, a creative fundraiser, an especially productive meeting, or something else to share, you can post in Slack, send a picture, or submit a post to the Active Minds blog. If you want to share about a specific program or fundraiser, you…

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What is the Chapter Inventory and when is it due?

Active Minds collects data from our chapter network three times a year through a survey we call a “Chapter Inventory”. Chapter Presidents and Advisors will be sent a link to complete each inventory in the Fall (Nov-Dec), Spring (March) and at the end of the year (May-June). This is the primary place to tell us…

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We want to update our chapter leader roster the national office.

Awesome! You can add or update new leaders, including advisors, to your chapter using this form. You can also update chapter leadership team information during the Chapter Inventories which are open in the Fall (Nov-Dec), Spring (March), and at the end of the Year (May-June).

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