Bridging the Gaps: Mental Health in the Workplace

While workplaces provide many important benefits, experiences, and opportunities for employees, stressors related to quotas, expectations, work-life balance, deadlines, and working from home inevitably arise. Without a plan in place to equip employees through these hurdles, employees may experience self-doubt, isolation, reduced performance, and even loneliness. Greg Vogt’s presentation serves as a catalyst to help employees and employers feel comfortable and empowered to have productive and safe conversations about mental health in the workplace. Greg offers a unique perspective with his lived experience facing mental health challenges paired with his background working for a Fortune 100 company. In this session, audiences will learn about the impact of mental health in the workplace, strategies to normalize the conversation, resources for seeking help, and a simple active listening tool for responding to a coworker who is struggling. Whether you are part of a small company or an industry leader, all audiences will find value in bridging the gap between mental health and the workplace.