How far in advance should I book a speaker?

It’s always best to plan as far in advance as possible, and the ideal time frame is 8-12 weeks prior to your event date. This allows for comprehensive event planning: selecting your specific speaker, securing your venue, confirming a date, formally inviting your speaker, finalizing your contract, marketing and promoting your event and the speaker’s appearance, and arranging the speaker’s travel.

January-April and September-November are especially busy times for the Active Minds speakers, since many of their engagements are arranged through Active Minds chapters on college and university campuses, and take place during the academic year. If you are planning for your event to take place during these months, you may want to secure your speaker well in advance, to ensure you are able to book your preferred presenter on your preferred date.

We have helped organizations book events very far in advance and on a few occasions, with less than a month to plan. Please contact us and speak with us about your timeline.