PostSecret and the Pandemic: Struggles, Successes & Strategies

Frank is the sole founder of the PostSecret Project, a growing collection of over a million artful secrets, mailed anonymously to him on postcards. Known as ‘the most trusted stranger in America’, Frank’s all new interactive online presentation reveals our true feelings about how the pandemic has disrupted our lives, while providing evidence-based tools to aid young people as they navigate through this challenging, but temporary crisis.

Community building, reducing stigma, and asking for help are all discussed in response to the rise in anxiety, loneliness, depression and grief.

67% of young people talk with a friend about mental illness before a parent, teacher or professional. One objective of this presentation is to give students the confidence and knowledge to know how to respond when a friend trusts them first with their secret.

In addition to sharing the most extraordinary secrets and inspiring PostSecret stories, participants will also learn from new pandemic related postcards that Frank has received from young people and the feelings and experiences they have been confiding on PostSecret social media.

Frank’s online program is 30 minutes with a 30 minute interactive Q&A. All attendees will receive a follow-up packet that includes discussion questions, mental health best practices, and resources