What if there’s already a group on my campus that shares similar goals as Active Minds?

If there’s already a mental health education and awareness student group at your school, we encourage you to attend a meeting and find out more about their goals and activities. The ideal environment for starting a chapter is one in which multiple mental health student organizations can collaborate and complement each others’ efforts rather than duplicate efforts or compete for resources. You can also let the group members know that they could transition to an Active Minds chapter along with you if they so desire. For all of our chapters, we require that a Chapter Agreement be signed, which includes the requirements of being an Active Minds chapter.  We do require any organization that transitions into an Active Minds chapter to use the Active Minds name.

If, once you learn more, you feel that Active Minds would offer something unique to your campus or the group is interested in becoming an Active Minds Chapter itself, complete the Chapter Registration Form.