Chapter Program Fund Application

Active Mind Chapter Programs Fund Application

Thanks to the generosity of Active Minds' donors and partners, we are proud to offer a new funding opportunity to increase access to our renowned National Conference, and to help support your advocacy work by covering Chapter Start up costs. Active Minds is offering select schools an opportunity to apply for funds to attend our 2022 National Conference during the 2021-2022 academic year, receive a V-A-R® Kit, Chapter Launch Kit, or funds for general chapter programming costs.

Note: Each school that applies to the fund is eligible for only one discounted program only.

Chapters Program Fund Application Requirements
1. This application requires a faculty/advisor/staff approval and contact information.
2. The applicant must sign an Agreement for Use of Funds form before receiving the funds.
3. Grant Recipients must provide a short description and pictures (if applicable) to the Chapters Team after their event or travel.

Thank you for completing the Chapter Programs Fund Application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis at the beginning of each month. Active Minds Staff will reach out to you if your school has been selected. Limit of one application per School.

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