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What we say to ourselves matters the most, especially when experiencing stress or anxiety. Find some time today to take a look in the mirror and recite these important messages. You deserve to hear them! 💛

Thank you @just_periods for partnering with us to bring mental health resources to young adults.

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Make someone feel seen and heard today by using our V-A-R everyday guide to start a conversation about mental health. 💚

1️⃣ Validate their feelings
2️⃣ Appreciate their courage
3️⃣ Refer them to skills and support

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Sometimes you may feel like you don't know what to do or say to someone who is struggling. Good news is you don't need to be an expert to help. You just need to be there. 💙 ...

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During this long weekend, we encourage you to find ways to take care of yourself. One way could be talking to someone you trust about any anxiety or stress you may be feeling lately. You deserve to heal. ❤️

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Feeling like you need a change of scenery? It might be time for another nature walk, sponsored by #SelfCareSunday. Treat yourself to the fresh air and warm breeze today– but don’t forget your mask! 🤗

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College students: We see you. We know you miss hanging with your friends on campus, but the good news is, they’re still a text away! Send your group chat a message letting them know you are here for them. ✨ ...

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"Not everyone has a mental illness, but everyone has mental health. Stress Less Week puts that statement into action. I hope you join Active Minds chapters and partners across the country this year as they “Stress Less” and prioritize their mental health."

Stress Less this April, and Beyond - Active Minds

The culture on a university campus is one that normally prioritizes grades, socializing, sports, and greek life above mental health breaks. It can be ...


Brands and organizations have a key role to play in improving #sustainability and environmental justice. In a recent Kindred Assembly, environmental activist Céline Cousteau weiged in on the actions brands take as agents of environmental change.
#EarthDay #climatejustice

What we say to ourselves matters the most, especially when experiencing stress or anxiety. Find a moment to recite these important messages. You deserve to hear them! 🤗

Six months ago, Kindred opened its doors with a mission to build a more equitable society by advancing the actions of today's leaders.

To our Kindred community, we are energized by your impact and grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you! #leadership #accountability

You are not your mental illness. You are a human being full of complexities. Struggling with mental health does not make you any less. 💛

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