Active Minds-TimelyMD Student Ambassadors Champion Campus Mental Health Support


August 23, 2022 | View online

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Today Active Minds and TimelyMD announced joint student ambassador programs at 16 colleges and universities, with the goal of driving awareness of and promoting resources that improve and support students’ mental health.

Active Minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. TimelyMD, the leading virtual health and well-being solution in higher education, serves over a million students at more than 200 colleges and universities across the country. 

The Active Minds-TimelyMD partnership aims to broaden the conversation about mental health and create lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued on campuses where both organizations have a shared presence. Given that students are most likely to turn to each other first for emotional support, student ambassadors will further peer-led mental health advocacy and education efforts in their campus communities.

The inaugural cohort includes a mix of two-year community colleges and four-year public and private colleges and universities: 

  • Baldwin Wallace University
  • Central Washington University 
  • Coastal Carolina University 
  • College of San Mateo 
  • Cornish College of the Arts
  • El Camino College
  • Emory University 
  • Georgetown University
  • Germanna College
  • Lake Tahoe Community College 
  • Los Medanos College
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of San Diego 
  • University of Southern Indiana 
  • University of Virginia 
  • Virginia Tech 

“Mental health resources can often be difficult to access, and on a college campus that makes encouraging students to seek services even more of a challenge. Many times, students don’t want their friends to see them walking to the counseling center or they don’t want to have to walk in alone. Our goal as student ambassadors is to make students aware of all of the support options available to them – from peers to professionals, on campus or online,” said Brianna Aldana, the ActiveMinds-TimelyMD student ambassador at the University of Southern Indiana. 

“TimelyMD gives students the simpler access they want and the value of not having to walk to the counseling center. It makes seeking services less intimidating and fosters a sense of connection for students to someone who is willing to help them,” Aldana added.

Ambassadors will promote mental health awareness and resources by hosting campus events and workshops, amplifying positive social media messages, and sharing feedback as part of a student advisory group.

“One of Active Minds’ core tenants in working to improve the mental health outlook for students and young adults nationwide is connection,” said Markie Pasternak, Senior Manager for Higher Education at Active Minds. “Our partnership with TimelyMD leans into connection – providing users with the ability to get quality, real-time support from peers in a safe, digital setting. We believe that this Active Minds and TimelyMD partnership will help evolve the conversation around mental health from stigma to solutions.”

Additionally, today TimelyMD announced a new peer support community that empowers students to safely connect with and encourage each other within the TimelyCare platform. The judgment-free space will allow students to seek support in a vulnerable and authentic way while helping each other navigate similar challenges and common concerns together.

“We all get by with a little help from our friends, and we know peer support is key to creating a sense of belonging among students experiencing mental health issues,” said Seli Fakorzi, Director of Mental Health Operations at TimelyMD. “TimelyMD is proud to support the mental health champions leading Active Minds chapters across the country. Together, we have an unwavering commitment to helping students to support each other and seek care when they need it so they can be well and thrive.”  

Gen Ztressed Webinar Spotlights Peer Support

Register now for the latest Gen Ztressed webinar to learn more about how Active Minds and TimelyMD student ambassadors are prioritizing peer support to improve student mental health on their campuses. Sarah Brown, news editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education, will moderate a virtual forum with student leaders on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT. The webinar is free with registration. 


About Active Minds

Active Minds is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization promoting mental health awareness and education for young adults. Active Minds has a presence at more than 1,000 campuses, schools, communities, and workplaces nationwide, and is powered by a robust Chapter Network, the nationally acclaimed Send Silence Packing® exhibit, inspiring Active Minds Speakers, and our tailored Active Minds @Work initiative. The organization is dedicated to ending the silence and changing the culture around mental health for everyone.

About TimelyMD

TimelyMD is the leading virtual health and well-being solution for higher education. Its mission is to improve the well-being of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere. TimelyMD’s virtual care platform, TimelyCare, includes a range of services, including mental health counseling, on-demand emotional support, medical care, psychiatric care, health coaching, basic needs assistance, faculty and staff guidance, and digital content such as yoga, meditation and grief support. Visit to learn how TimelyMD is inspiring the digital transformation of campus health and the future of student care.

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