Active Minds + California Project

Each Mind Matters

Leading the way

California has been leading the way when it comes to mental health. In 2004, voters passed the Mental Health Services Act, and in 2015, California tapped Active Minds to reach out to students throughout the state as part of a continuing, multi-year partnership to change attitudes toward mental health challenges.

Stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health challenges partially explains why only 1 in 4 people seek help. Yet with mental health services, productivity and employment outcomes improve, with an estimated positive benefit to California of at least $1.5 billion.

With the involvement of Active Minds, the state aims to change attitudes toward mental health among the next generation of California residents.

Active Minds statewide

Active Minds works intensively with 12 colleges and universities throughout the state to reduce stigma around mental health, increase students’ knowledge of mental health issues, and increase students’ likelihood to reach out for help when needed, whether for themselves or a friend.

Our recent work has focused on identifying populations on campus who are currently underserved by available mental health resources and organizing culturally responsive outreach efforts.

Our latest project involves reaching out specifically to Latinx populations with mental health awareness and suicide prevention resources.

Active Minds has been an invaluable partner in our mutual efforts to combat the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and create campus communities where everyone feels comfortable reaching out for support.

Joseph Robinson

Partnerships and collaborations

Active Minds works closely with many incredible organizations throughout the state, including:

  • California Mental Health Services Authority
  • RSE
  • The Social Changery
  • Your Social Marketer, Inc.
  • RAND Corporation
  • Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement
  • California Community College Student Mental Health Program
  • University of California Student Association
  • California State Student Association
  • The Steinburg Institute
  • Art with Impact
  • County behavioral health departments
  • California Homeless Youth Project
  • Disability Rights Advocates
  • Local community based organizations