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Monthly Office Hours

Join us for monthly 30-minutes conversations with professional staff, speakers, student leaders, and special guests. These interactive discussions will cover common chapter support and growth topics, public health best practices, cutting edge mental health research, and more. See below for topics we’ll cover this fall. 

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September 25: #HereForYou

  • Mental health student advocates like you are faced with your own and peers’ everyday struggles all the time. Active Minds is #HereForYou with the new “VAR: Validate, Appreciate, Refer – The Active Minds Approach to Active Listening”. Learn about this three-step conversation tool, created by and for Active Minds student leaders, and how you can use it in program planning and everyday life.

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October 23: Positive Mental Health Messaging 101

  • How we talk about mental health matters! Let’s chat about the words, stats, and data we use as mental health advocates to promote positive attitudes and avoid common, potentially harmful stigma. Language is our superpower for social change!

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November 13: Fundraising Crash Course

  • Wondering how to fundraise for the national movement and/or your chapter? Get ideas for future fundraisers, how to make fundraisers a success, and more through this fundraising crash course! Also, learn about the great fundraising bonuses available for your chapter!

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January 29: Mobilizing Students for Mental Health

  • A landmark study conducted by the RAND Corporation demonstrates that student-powered advocacy efforts positively impact the campus culture around mental health in a profound way. Join us for a conversation about how Active Minds students all over the country are changing the conversation using this evidence-based approach: “STEP up to lead the conversation”.

February 19: Changing Policy on Campus & Beyond

  • Want to leave a long-lasting legacy and change the conversation on your campus permanently? Let’s change some policies. Chat with other students who have changed their institutions’ policies on campus using Transform Your Campus and in their communities through local governing bodies.

April 16: Navigating Leadership Transition

  • Do you want to ensure a seamless transition between leadership teams? Of course you do! Join the conversation about how to best plan for your leadership transition and how to maintain a successful and cohesive chapter.

May 14: May is Mental Health Month

  • Let’s talk about it! May is Mental Health Month and we want to talk with you about the activism and events that are happening all over the country.