Youth Champions

We are excited to partner with the National Parent Teacher Association Healthy Minds program to facilitate a series of important community conversations through our Youth Champion Connections workshops and curriculum. Youth Champions (parents, caregivers, K-12 educators, staff, administrators, and youth development professionals) are dedicated to learning how to better support youth-led mental health advocacy. Because of the deep and proven impact of Youth Champions in supporting youth as leaders in the conversation, Active Minds believes it is critically important that Youth Champions be offered supportive learning spaces dedicated to their personal and/or professional development.

Youth Champions Connections

Active Minds is harnessing the power of one of the greatest determining factors in successful youth-led mental health advocacy: safe and supportive adults, also known at Active Minds as Youth Champions. Youth Champion Connections workshops are hour-long conversations designed with the invaluable importance of parents, caregivers, K-12 educators, staff, administrators, and youth development professionals in the lives of young people at their core. Sessions are designed to increase Youth Champions ability to facilitate emotionally safe and trusted spaces for youth of all identities and abilities, build mental health literacy, and center youth mobilization in mental health advocacy.

If you are interested in bringing Active Minds Youth Champions Connections to your school, click here.