Mental Health Unity Pledge

mental health unity

sign the pledge for mental health unity!

The Active Minds Pledge for Mental Health Unity is a campaign to promote communities of solidarity and support for people with mental health concerns.

Show your commitment to the pledge by completing the form below. After you press “submit” you’ll see a download button. Clicking that will download a zip file with printable stickers and social media badges.

After you have your sticker, be sure to display it and help us create spaces for disclosing mental illness and bringing mental health out of the shadows. Let those with mental health disorders know you stand with them!


I pledge to:

  • End the silence by providing a safe space for persons to discuss mental health
  • Listen to mental health experiences without judgement
  • Be knowledgeable of available resources
  • Treat every person as capable and valuable individuals in our community
  • Speak out against stigma and discrimination towards mental illness

How to create a safe space

Display your unity sticker on your window, office, dorm room, door frame, car, or laptop. It’s a simple but highly visible way to show your support for people with mental health concerns. With your help, we can foster communities where no one is afraid to speak out.

Let others know you’ve taken the pledge with #MHUnity.

About the pledge

The Mental Health Unity Pledge was inspired by stickers marking safe spaces for members of the LGBTQ community. It was developed through comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research by Kristin Kosyluk as part of her Active Minds Emerging Scholar Fellowship. The ultimate goal is to reduce the feelings of isolation often experienced by individuals with mental health concerns, replacing the isolation with feelings of support and solidarity.

This pledge is generously supported by Dr. Patrick Corrigan and his National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment and The Scattergood Foundation.