Active Minds National Conference 2019

Friday & Saturday, March 22 – 23, 2019 | Washington, DC


 Full Program Agenda

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The conference begins at 8 am on Friday, March 22 and ends at 5 pm on Saturday, March 23.

Click here to see the current list of keynote speakers and presenters, representing top organizations such as It’s On Us, Steve Fund, The Trevor Project, The JED Foundation, Crisis Text Line, NASPA, National Campus Leadership Council, and more.

Friday: March 22, 2019

Breakfast and Welcome

8:00 – 9:30 am
Kick off the conference with a breakfast buffet and a warm welcome from Alison Malmon, founder and executive director of Active Minds.


How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed and Some Don’t

9:30 am
How Change Happens author Leslie Crutchfield reveals in this session the leadership approaches, campaign strategies, and ground-level tactics used in a range of modern change campaigns. Based on several years of research with a team of 21 staff, students and faculty at Georgetown University’s Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI), she unearthed six key factors that explain why winning movements triumph. She will explore in this session how you can apply these best practice toward advancing emerging movements like Me Too, Never Again, Black Lives Matter and other important causes.

Breakout Sessions: Taking a Collective, Strategic Approach

11:00 am
Explore the most innovative and effective approaches for changing the conversation about mental health on campuses, in workplaces, and within communities.

Lunch and Panel: We Control the Narrative: Media and Messaging about Mental Health and Suicide

12:00 – 1:15 pm
Everyone has an audience and everyone’s voice has power. What we say about mental health and suicide truly matters. This applies to the language we use; the videos, films, podcasts we produce; and the memes and images we create, tweet, like, and forward. Panelists will share lessons learned in steering the narrative and the role each of us play in that work.

Panel: Mental Health Trends and Implications for Practice

1:30 pm

Panelists will explore the shifting trends in campus mental health and promising ideas for applying lessons learned beyond campuses and into our communities nationwide.

Breakout Sessions: Innovation for Emerging Issues

2:45 pm

These expert-led sessions include: Technological Advances and Opportunities for Mental Health; Upstream Approaches to Suicide Prevention; The Power of Storytelling in Shaping a Positive Mental Health Culture; and more!

Breakout Sessions: Championing Student Voices

4:00 pm

These expert-led sessions include: Academically High-Achieving Students and Mental Health; Giving Students Seats at the Table; NCLC’s Student Voice Index; and more!

Saturday: March 23, 2019

Student-Led Roundtables: Elevating Student Mental Health Leadership

7:30 am

Students, join your peers in this chapter-focused session for a series of interactive roundtable discussions on a variety of topics including strengthening students leadership in campus mental health decision-making, engaging diverse perspectives; policy change; and more! Faculty/Staff Chapter Advisors are welcome to attend.


Breakfast and opening remarks

8:30 am

Featured Keynote

Ben Nemtin, Producer, Writer, Speaker

Ben Nemtin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and a star of the MTV show, The Buried Life.

9:10 am

Networking Break

10:00 – 10:30 am

Breakout Sessions: Equal Opportunities for Health

10:45 am

These expert-led sessions include: Mental Health Challenges for LGBTQ+ Youth; Achieving Equity in Mental Health; Peer-Powered and Institutional Approaches at Community Colleges; and more!

Lunch and Awards Presentation

12 noon


Programming Expo

1:15 pm
Take away great ideas from this showcase of impactful, effective, and student-centered programming from campuses around the country. Talk to Active Minds leaders and find out how they do it! Discover what positive mental health events and activities you can do on your own campus.

Final Keynote
Cynthia Germanotta, President, Born This Way Foundation, Active Minds Hero Award Recipient

Cynthia Bissett Germanotta is the President of Born This Way Foundation, which she co-founded with her daughter Lady Gaga in 2012, with the goal of supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to build a kinder, braver world.

2:30 pm


Closing Remarks

3:30 pm

Celebrate the achievements of Active Minds’ outstanding college and high school chapters in working to change their campus cultures surrounding mental health. After the awards presentation and brief closing remarks, the conference ends at 5 pm.

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