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PostSecretU offers a highly interactive and creative way to involve your community, spark conversations, and raise awareness about mental health

About PostSecretU

Endorsed by Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, and available exclusively from Active Minds, PostSecretU involves your community in understanding how everyone has secrets, many of which touch upon mental health.

Based on the wildly popular PostSecret project, PostSecretU is is the official PostSecret program for colleges and other organizations. It was developed with the guidance, support, and full endorsement of Frank Warren.

Contact us about purchasing a PostSecretU kit. You’ll want to encourage everyone in your community to participate by anonymously submitting their secrets on postcards (the method made famous by PostSecret). The exciting culmination of PostSecretU is a public display that features the submitted postcards for all to see.

Plus, because Frank Warren is an Active Minds Speaker, you have the option of inviting him to present PostSecretLive! as an added component to your PostSecretU display. Or, bring him to your community in advance of your display for a lively “How to Host a Successful PostSecretU Event” workshop.

Who can hold a PostSecretU event

PostSecretU is available to Active Minds chapters, student groups, colleges, universities, high schools, community groups, faith-based groups, conferences, performing arts centers, and other organizations.

PostSecretU is especially popular at colleges. For Active Minds campus chapters in particular, PostSecretU provides an innovative way to increase your profile on campus, create partnerships with other groups, and distribute mental health resources to students.

Because of the sensitive nature of mental health events, organizations must complete a Purchase Form and Program Agreement prior to purchasing a PostSecretU kit.

Allow at least six weeks to plan

You’ll need to build in at least six weeks to plan your PostSecretU event. It takes three weeks to receive your PostSecretU kit plus an additional three weeks to prepare and distribute the postcards and promote and organize a public display.

Give yourself enough time to implement the program in an exciting, authentic, and educational way. See the Plan Your Event page for more information. Active Minds staff also are available to advise you as you plan.


The PostSecretU kit from Active Minds

Everything you need to organize a successful PostSecretU event is included in kits available exclusively from Active Minds. Choose between the small kit containing 2,000 postcards and other materials, or the large kit with 10,000 postcards and other materials. See the Cost and Kit Info page for details.

Each kit includes a 40-page implementation guide with extensive information and templates.


Safety and copyright

Active Minds is the only organization approved to offer PostSecret-related events for campuses and other organizations. Important resources and safeguards are available in PostSecretU kits. For safety and copyright reasons, unofficial PostSecret programs are not permitted.

See the Plan Your Event and Risk Management pages for more information.

Frank Warren

Frank Warren and PostSecret

PostSecret is an on-going community art project started by Frank Warren. In 2007, he began inviting strangers to mail him their secrets anonymously on homemade postcards. Over a million postcards later, this simple idea has grown into six bestselling books, multiple museum exhibits, a play, and one of the most watched TED talks ever.

Each Sunday, Frank Warren continues to post a new selection of postcards on his blog. Sent to him by people all over the world, the postcards reveal secrets that range from serious to hilarious and touch on a variety of themes including family dynamics, religion, mental health, and various eccentricities. See our gallery featuring examples of submitted postcards.

Frank Warren is also an Active Minds speaker. You can bring Frank Warren to your location to present a speech to your audience about PostSecret, mental health, and more. Many organizations combine a PostSecretU event with a lively speaking engagement featuring Frank Warren.

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