Active Minds Program Fund

What is the Program Fund?

72% of organizations that requested professionally-led resources last year were left out of the conversation about mental health because of limited funding.

The Active Minds Program Fund was established to allow communities of color, rural communities, high schools, community colleges and student-focused nonprofits the ability to bring expert-led resources, tools, and displays where they are needed most, regardless of racial disparities.

The Program Fund ensures we can ALL talk about mental health.


Active Minds offers a wide range of programs that can be utilized through the Program Fund. Here are a few highlights but feel free to explore all programs through the links below:

Active Minds Speakers – Research shows that peer-to-peer outreach is the best way to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health and encourages young adults to seek help if they need it. That’s why Active Minds Speakers are so effective. Through their personal stories, students and young adults can see there is hope and help available because mental health struggles are so common. You can host one of our acclaimed speakers to inspire your community.

Send Silence Packing – This immersive display travels the country to end the silence that surrounds mental health and suicide. Visitors to Send Silence Packing are able to take in powerful stories of individuals affected by suicide and mental health challenges with connection to resources for support and action. You can explore bringing this unique experience to your campus and community.

Photo of students outside signing up at a table

The Program Fund at Work

District-wide budget cuts had Emily, a high school counselor in Ohio, looking for new resources and tools to present to the young adults she was supporting. Emily had even considered paying out of her own pocket for programming until she learned about the Active Minds Program Fund and was able to bring an Active Minds speaker to her community.

The presentation provided was so impactful she noted an increase in the number of services being requested, conversations happening with trusted adults, and calls from parents thanking her for educating and empowering their children to seek help when needed.

Since the initial presentation, Active Minds has become a permanent fixture in their mental health programming, despite re-allocated funding, thanks to the Program Fund. Your gift will make this possible for more communities across the country so we can all talk about mental health.