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Abraham Sculley is a professional mental health speaker for Active Minds.

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About Abraham

Abraham Sculley understands the importance of using his story and experiences to educate and inspire others, whether for one-on-one conversations or while speaking to an audience.

During the second semester of his freshman year at the University of West Florida, Abraham fell into a deep depression. At the time he did not know it was depression because growing up in a Jamaican American household, mental health was never talked about nor was how to seek help. He thought to himself, “I can’t be depressed, I am an optimistic guy and I love people.” At the time, he did not understand that what he was experiencing was a mental illness.

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After accepting the advice from a concerned friend, Abraham sought out the counseling services on campus and was then diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. He later decided to withdraw from school to focus on his mental health.

Abraham’s 3-month hiatus helped him to return to school with a new outlook and new vigor. His medical withdrawal did not stop him from completing his degree, it empowered him. Depression became the catalyst for his purpose and he is now a mental health advocate, speaking around the country about his life, his story, and his passion for mental health awareness.

From Abraham’s experience with depression, he now facilitates workshops at the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast, has spoken to over 1000+ individuals including professionals in health care organizations, for- profit organizations, nationally acclaimed non-profit agencies, college students and professors at major universities.

Abraham graduated from University of West Florida with his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Abraham is now a certified Mental Health First Aid advocate and uses his passion to inspire others. He continues to use his story to promote the importance of mental health and assist others in reaching their highest potential in their physical, spiritual, and mental health.

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Key topics

  • Athletes
  • Cultural stigma
  • Depression
  • Faculty/staff trainings
  • Men and mental health
  • Mental health awareness
  • Life transitions
  • People of color and mental health
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Self-care/recovery
  • Substance use
  • Suicide prevention


Abraham's Presentation Options

“Combatting the Stigma of Mental Health” is designed to encourage and equip students and young adults with the tools and education necessary to engage in the conversation surrounding mental health and mental illness. Through vulnerability, Abraham shares his mental health story and addresses the common myths of mental illness, the negative effects of stigma, and ways to effectively combat stigma.

This two-hour workshop explores the prevalence and incidence of suicide, with a focus on college students. We discuss current, pressing issues that are related to suicide, and unpack myths and misperceptions. Participants leave with a comprehensive booklet from the QPR Institute, and three tangible skills that will help avert the tragedy of suicide.

After completing this training, audiences will be equipped with the tools to:
1. Recognize when someone may be at risk for suicide
2. Identify the warning signs of suicide
3. Intervene if someone is in crisis
4. Refer someone to proper resources
5. Get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide
…and much more.

Abraham offers virtual versions of his presentations and workshops.


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Abraham travels from Florida


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“Abraham demonstrated authenticity and vulnerability in sharing his own struggles while at the same time focusing on the importance of help-seeking, therapy, and other positive coping resources.”

– April Glenn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Outreach Services Coordinator, University of West Florida

“Abraham did an excellent job in presenting to my students. His energy, presentation, and demeanor spoke through my students as he talked about his personal story. His storytelling was compelling, sincere and brought forth messages that my students were appreciative to hear.”

– Dixiana Chavez, Undergraduate Success Scholars Program Specialist, University of Texas at Dallas


Active Minds Blog – Abraham Sculley

“Everyone experiences mental health differently. Sometimes, our differences are small, forgettable even. But in others, they span cultures, languages, and histories. July is BIPOC Mental Health Month, and we’re taking an extra moment to listen, to reflect, and to share the stories of individuals who are underrepresented and oppressed. Changing the narrative around mental health requires each of us, not despite our differences, but because of them. We reached out to our BIPOC Active Minds Speakers to share their experiences and journeys with mental health.”

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“Our youth were able to relate to his story as many of them are going through similar thoughts and feelings. He was able to provide steps to take to create goals, to focus on that goal and when faced with tough situations, remain steadfast on their goal.”
Barb Lally

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