V-A-R Speaker-Led Training

Validate – Appreciate – Refer

Thank you for your interest in hosting a V-A-R training facilitated by an Active Minds Speaker or staff member. Know Your V-A-R®: Showing up for those around us Showing up for someone who is struggling with their mental health is a powerful and important skill, but many of us don't know what to say when someone shares. Validate-Appreciate-Refer (V-A-R®) is Active Minds' simple, revolutionary tool that empowers people to have meaningful conversations with those around them. Through this presentation, participants will be equipped to actively listen and effectively respond when someone lets them know they are having a hard time. A conversation can make all the difference and help prevent a crisis from developing later. Join Active Minds for an interactive and engaging conversation about mental health and gain tangible skills to promote a climate that is supportive of mental wellness.


-60-90 minute virtual or in-person training with an Active Minds Speaker

-Planning and event support from Active Minds staff

-Speaker traveling fees and hotel, if applicable