Your actions matter At Home

For Alex, since starting college, “home” has taken on new meanings. While they now spend a lot of their time on campus, which provides its own set of mental health supports and challenges, Alex’s family dynamics still affect them in very real ways.

When home with their parents for a long weekend, Alex recalled a powerful memory from high school. When Alex was 15, they started feeling really down and withdrew from friends, family, and activities they used to enjoy.

Alex felt hopeless and had a hard time imagining how they would get through this. Even getting out out of bed in the morning was a struggle. Alex’s parents noticed their changed behavior and took action.

They found a mental health professional in their community and initiated a gentle but honest conversation with Alex about their mental health. Thinking back on this, Alex is grateful that their parents knew how to show up in that moment and help them through.

Today, Alex still struggles from time to time. Their parents want to be helpful, but don’t always know how. It can be difficult to navigate these conversations, but Alex’s parents keep learning and Alex feels supported when their parents are able to validate their experience.

Ideas for Taking Action

It’s your turn to send silence packing within your home life- wherever that happens to be for you! Here are three ways to take action today:

Learn Active Minds’ approach to everyday challenges, V-A-R: Validate, Appreciate, Refer® to be  better prepared to tackle difficult conversations with loved ones.

Keep an eye out for warning signs for suicide, and don’t hesitate to ask the question: “Are you considering suicide?” or “Are you considering hurting yourself?” For more information, check out Active Minds’ Offering Help page.

Correct common misconceptions about suicide you hear so loved ones know they can turn to you when they’re struggling. Prepare for these tough conversations by learning the common myths about suicide.