Your actions matter At the Library

Alex has had ups and downs in a whirlwind year. With exams approaching, they’ve appreciated being able to learn skills like time management as well as new information on stress and stress management during workshops at the local library.

In one of the workshops, Alex learned the differences between stress and anxiety, and what to do if it’s more than a bad day. They learned stress management techniques, and they learned that one in three young adults struggle with anxiety. They now know stress and anxiety are both treatable.

Ideas for Taking Action

It’s your turn to send silence packing in your local library or community center! Here are three ways to take action today:

Download the Active Minds’ V-A-R® Wallet Card or purchase the V-A-R® Pocket Guide in English or Spanish to keep these skills handy and spread the word throughout your community.

Encourage employees at the libraries and community centers to learn the steps to the V-A-R: Validate-Appreciate-Refer® guide  to support those who use their services.

Work with your local library to plan a stress-reduction event or Stress Less Week® using our Stress Less Week downloadable kit.