Your actions matter At the Park

Alex plays softball with friends on the weekends at the local park, which they love because it gets them outdoors to move their body and ensure some weekly social connection.

There is a sign near the field acknowledging the strong connection between mental and physical health which Alex appreciates because it reminds them that they feel their best mentally when they get fresh air, exercise, and connect with people they like.

Whether it’s playing with their nieces and nephews, walking their dog, or having a BBQ, Alex has also found that utilizing the park or other community spaces to engage with their support network cultivates a sense of connection and community, which has played a critical part in maintaining their mental wellbeing.

Ideas for Taking Action

It’s your turn to send silence packing by integrating self-care practices into your routine! Here are three ways to take action today:

Go outside and take a moment to breathe. To help you slow down, find a quiet space, and follow along to this video to relax your mind and body.

Follow a routine before you go to bed (i.e. reading, meditating, stretching, or breathing).

Write down five key self-care strategies that you can keep handy to remind you of what works in times where it feels like nothing will. Use our self-care resources for inspiration.