Life at Your Pace Resources

Life at Your Pace Meeting

Participants will learn what healthy boundaries look like, how to set them, and how boundaries can affect your mental health.

Life at Your Pace Round-Table Discussion Guide

The Life at Your Pace Round-Table Discussion is a three round discussion, each round having its own separate rules and questions to promote both intentional listening and dialog. If you have less than nine participants, sit in one circle or be in one Zoom chat. If you have more than nine participants split up into groups of no less than five people either in circles or in Zoom breakout rooms.

Life at Your Pace Tabling

Participants are encouraged to engage in conversations with peers to explore what approaching life at their own unique pace looks like and means to them.

Healthy boundaries are a critical component of our mental health. Now, more than ever, as we navigate transitioning back into more in-person situations at our own, unique pace, communicating openly about our physical space and comfort level is of the utmost importance. But these conversations can be awkward or difficult. Enter: Active Minds’ “Life at Your Pace” wristbands. These wristbands communicate, without having to say anything, what your boundaries are with regard to physical space and contact.

Red: “Please maintain physical distance”

Yellow: “Staying cautious, no physical touch”

Green: “Ready for hugs and high fives”



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