Through our K-12 initiatives, Active Minds is mobilizing and empowering youth and young adults to change the conversation about mental health and engage in our proven peer-to-peer approach in their schools. In doing so, we are not only changing schools, school systems, and families, but building resilience, leadership skills, connections, and confidence in youth.

When youth and young people lead and elevate the conversation about mental health, with the support of educators, administrators, parents, and families, this will lead to school communities prioritizing resources to ensure long-term care.

Mental health issues are on the rise for K-12 youth, especially high school youth. These issues are further exacerbated by racism, gun violence, homophobia, COVID-19, among other things. We need to do something to address this crisis NOW and support students in advocating for more mental health awareness and peer-to-peer conversations to help change the culture and conversation around mental health.

To help protect youth mental health, Active Minds is committed to reaching 1,000 new K-12 schools in 1,000 days through our youth-led programs. We are excited to have you be part of this movement to support K-12 youth and school mental health efforts. Find out the ways you can be involved on the 1K in 1K homepage, linked through the button below.

through our work, we partner with:

high school students

We empower students with the knowledge and skills to elevate the conversation about mental health and advocate for mental health policies and programs in their schools and communities.

teachers & administrators

Teachers and school administrators are important champions of students’ work to create inclusive school environments around mental health. They also face their own mental health struggles. Active Minds works with teachers and administrators to implement the programs listed below and through our innovative @Work program.

parents & families

Parents and families are also key stakeholders in this work and together they can help influence how school board leaders, district and school administrators, and teachers are engaged in mental health advocacy.

More resources for this community are coming soon.

check out our programs for high school students & other K-12 communities below: