fundraise for Active Minds

Active Minds runners in marathon

help change the conversation about mental health, so no one struggles alone

Start your own fundraiser to spread the word about mental health awareness and suicide prevention — all while supporting Active Minds!

All it takes is the same passion and commitment that you already bring to this important cause. Every dollar raised goes to support more students and campuses with mental health education and training.

Below are some ideas to help you begin. Let us know if you are planning a fundraiser so we can thank you personally!

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platform options

Facebook fundraiser

Click “Fundraisers” in the left menu of your News Feed. Then click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization” and “Get Started.” Search for “Active Minds” and follow the prompts to set up your fundraiser. All money raised will go directly to Active Minds.

CrowdRise fundraiser

You can also set up a fundraiser on CrowdRise. Go to the Active Minds page and click on “Start a Campaign.”

Peer-to-peer fundraiser

Please check back later this fall! That’s when you’ll be able to create your own fundraising page using our new peer-to-peer fundraising tool.

Chapter fundraiser

If you’re a member of an Active Minds campus chapter, please see the resources and information available on the Chapter Fundraising page.


fundraising tips

Fundraise on special days

You can raise money any time of the year, but special days make your fundraising efforts especially irresistible. These include birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, and more.

Set a personal challenge

Bring attention to your fundraiser through a personal challenge. Let your friends and family know what you’ll do once you’ve met a specific fundraising goal. It could be you’ll run a marathon, dye your hair, shave your mustache, whatever you can think of! If you’re fundraising in honor of someone, consider a challenge that’s connected to the person you care about.

Tell your story

Often people want to fundraise for Active Minds because they have a personal connection to mental health awareness or suicide prevention that makes them feel strongly about supporting our mission. Share your story so your readers or listeners are inspired to give and act to change the conversation about mental health.