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Hello, chapter member! As part of the Active Minds student network, you have access to a treasure trove of curated resources to help your chapter thrive and create change on your campus.  These resources have been developed by Active Minds and put to use and refined by chapters over the last 16 years! Find out more about starting or restarting an Active Minds chapter on your campus.


What’s new this year


A focus on foundations

Whether you’re a brand new chapter, or a chapter that’s been on campus for many years, our new foundations structure is for you. Over a decade of experience working with student mental health advocates combined with public health best practices leads to the fundamental aspects of successful chapter; encapsulated by the Chapter Foundations. The Chapter Foundations Workbook is your key to building a strong, sustainable chapter with focus on your Leadership, Membership, Collaboration, Programming, and Fundraising. 

Earn national recognition

We believe chapters can be successful at every level, respecting diverse campus communities, chapter capacity and size, and unique student leader strengths. All chapters have access to our resources, just for being a chapter! From there, chapters who are going above and beyond will be recognized for their achievements as Distinguished, Outstanding, or Exemplary Chapters in the National Network. And, chapters who fundraise receive great bonuses! More about how to earn national recognition on our Chapter Foundations Checklist. Please note: Chapters will not receive star ratings anymore.

Introducing Chapter “tracks”

Chapters who are ready and enthusiastic have the option to pursue goal-specific tracks. The tracks were designed in response to the hard work and activism trends we’ve witnessed among chapters over the years. You’re invited to explore these tracks and access the support materials created by Active Minds national at anytime. You can also pursue more than one track at a time, if you have the capacity. These tracks are designed to be adaptable, based on the creativity and goals of the chapter. Check out our track-specific resources.

How do we achieve national recognition for our work? 

Download the Chapter Foundations Checklist to make sure your chapter is on track, moving through your Foundations, making progress on a track (if you want to try one), and taking steps towards earning fundraising bonuses and national recognition. Not to mention, following well-established best practice recommendations for changing the mental health culture on you campus!

Exclusive Online Chapter Summit

In case you missed it!

In early September the Active Minds National team, student leaders, and chapter advisors from around the country gathered online for the 2018 Chapter Summit. Learn about exciting updates and initiatives from the National Office for the coming year including a new website, new ways to be recognized for your phenomenal work, fundraising bonuses, the Active Minds approach to active listening, and ways to get support from our vast network!

View the recording

The semester ahead

    • August: Chapter Swag Boxes posted & shipped
    • August-May: Chapter Development Grant applications (accepted on rolling basis)
    • September: Suicide Prevention Month
    • September 6: Online Chapter Summit
    • September 9-15: Suicide Prevention Week
    • October 8: National Day Without Stigma
    • December 15: Inventory #1 Due

What's happening now