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Welcome to the Active Minds Chapter Hub, as part of the Active Minds Chapter Network, you have exclusive access to a plethora of student leadership resources, curated programs, and tools to help your chapter thrive in order to create change on your campus. We’re excited to have you join our robust and prosperous Chapter Network so be sure to check out our chapter success resources below. Find out more about starting or restarting an Active Minds chapter on your campus.

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Results from the Active Minds Chapter Member Survey

For the first time in Active Minds’ history, the organization is investing in running official surveys to learn more about those engaging with our work to better understand the impact of Active Minds on student success and mental health. The goal with this first survey was to collect demographic and academic data from our Active Minds chapter members. This video is a review of the survey’s results and what we are learning from it. Hosted by Emily from our Research and Development team and Ivy from our Chapters team.

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