chapter logos

We created individual chapter logos for each Active Minds chapter! The new look both reflects our new brand and shows your school pride. Please check out some quick guidelines & notes below!



Please do not alter the provided logos. These chapter badges were designed so that they are all set and ready to use! No editing or cropping is necessary to change your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile images. Please do not add images or additional text on top of the logo.

What you’ll find in your folder:

(Chapter logos are organized by state)

  • School Name_2048x2048 – This size will accommodate most print uses. Perfect to update your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram avi!
  • School Name_2048x2048_Transparent – In the case you’d need your school’s logo without the background color.
  • We created your chapter logo using your university’s dominant brand color. If your school has two dominant colors, both have been provided to you – so you can choose!
  • If you need the Active Minds national logo, it’s in the first folder called Active Minds – National Logo. Please do not alter this logo in any way. (Includes both green/blue version and transparent grayscale version).


We are so excited to see the new look on all of you!


Download Your Logos Here

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