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Recognize these signs for mental health illnesses

mental illness is treatable and you deserve to get better

when to ask for help

Here are 12 signs you might notice in yourself or a friend that are good reasons to reach out and talk with someone.

These signs are not always universal. Some people may show behavioral changes, while others show physical symptoms. Men and women can also exhibit signs of depression differently. However, if you recognize any of these signs for more than several days in yourself or a friend, seeking help should always be your first step so you can get the care they need.


Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, depressed mood, poor self-esteem, or guilt


Withdrawal from friends, family, and activities you used to enjoy


Changes in eating or sleeping patterns. Are you sleeping all the time or having trouble falling asleep? Are you gaining weight or never hungry?


Anger, rage, or craving revenge. Are you overreacting to criticism?


Feeling tired or exhausted all of the time


Trouble concentrating, thinking, remembering, or making decisions. Are you suddenly struggling in school? Are your grades dropping?


Restless, irritable, agitated, or anxious movements or behaviors


Regular crying


Neglect of personal care. Have you stopped caring about your appearance or stopped keeping up with your personal hygiene?


Reckless or impulsive behaviors. Are you drinking or using drugs excessively? Are you behaving unsafely in other ways?


Persistent physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems, or chronic pain that do not respond to routine treatment


Thoughts about death or suicide

seeking help is really worth it

There are many places to get advice, support, and treatment for mental health concerns to get you feeling better. Learn about where you can turn on the Options for Help or Get Help Now pages.

warning signs for suicide

If you are worried a friend may be thinking about suicide, immediate action is critical. See the Warning Signs for Suicide.