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We are currently accepting applications from college and university chapters across the United States to host Stress Less events this spring.
Applications are due March 11, 2024 by 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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Stress Less Week® starts April 22

Chapter participation helps spread the message that there is strength in speaking up about one’s struggles.  Apply Today to bring Stress Less Week® to your campus.

Active Minds is proud to engage Chapters at universities and colleges throughout the United States in a Stress Less event opportunity. Stress Less Week® is a bi-annual event that aims to create a healthy and supportive campus environment for young adults by ensuring college students play a role in normalizing conversations around mental health. Active Minds is proud to present this spring’s Stress Less Week®, taking place between April 22-26, inspiring the next generation of young adult leaders to change the way our society and higher-education institutions talk about, care for, and value mental health.

Expectations for Participating Chapters

Each participating Chapter will be expected to plan, promote and host Stress Less related events using Active Minds’ Stress Less Week® Toolkit. When planning, Chapters will be encouraged to think creatively and openly about their Stress Less events to ensure the activities align with their individual campus needs.

College Stress Less events vary in types; they may look like yoga in the Quad, Silent Dance Parties in the Atrium, Paint & Sip Hot Cocoa, Movie Night, and more!

Active Minds will provide:

  • A host of mental health and Stress Less Week® giveaway items for event attendees to receive.
  • Coaching, event planning support, and resources to the student leaders of each Chapter during the program.
  • Chapters will be guided to post about their events on their Chapter’s social channels and report the success of their programming to Active Minds by providing photos, videos, social media efforts, testimonials and event numbers.

What’s in it for your chapter?



We can let others know we don’t think less of them for seeking help by bringing the conversation out into the open.

A guide for programming to reduce stress, promote self-care, and build communities.

ACTIVE MINDS’ STRESS LESS WEEK® TOOLKIT, supported by our friends at Murad®, is designed to provide education about stress and anxiety and build communities that are supportive of mental health. Stress Less Week spreads the message that speaking up about one’s struggles is a sign of strength and promoting self-care is a priority. Stress Less Week can be any week that makes sense in your year. As a national organization, Active Minds runs this program once in the spring and once in the fall.

Inside this free toolkit you’ll find education, tips, and resources designed to help you better understand and mitigate your stress while helping to shape a positive mental health culture among your community.

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10 ways to promote stress & anxiety management on your campus, in your community, or in your workplace

Connect: Start a virtual book club, movie night, or game night with co-workers and friends. Designate that time to be present with each other over zoom and enjoy an activity without your phones/screens.


Self-care strategies: Share a list of self care ideas and encourage others to share their own ways they engage in self care.


Host a panel discussion: Recruit a few people to talk about what stress or anxiety look like for them and how they cope as part of a panel discussion.


Take a break: Encourage everyone to schedule 30 minutes or one hour to take a break alone or together for a walk, yoga class, breathing workshop, or a shared snack.


Recess: Invite others to join you in activities you loved as a child, such as games, sports, or kids movies. Remember four-square? Red rover? Even just a pick-up game of basketball or an outdoor movie can provide a nice break.


Get crafty: Organize a night to get creative with paint, crafts, coloring, or zentangle. Use music and themes to create a fun night of stress management.


Experience pet therapy: Encourage everyone to bring their pets to your next meeting or social gathering and talk about how animals support our wellbeing.


Normalize stress and anxiety: Host an Active Minds Speaker for your campus or community, who can – as talented storytellers – help others feel more comfortable in their own experiences.  


Encourage laughter: Host a stand-up comedy night or make a community list of funny movie recommendations. Add a funny theme like wacky hats to add to the humor of the event!


Spread the word! Check out Active Minds’ Stress Less Week Programming Guide for more ideas and share Active Minds’ Stress or Anxiety? and Managing Anxiety infographics on social media or post them on bulletin boards.

young adults are less likely to seek help if they perceive that others would think less of them

additional resources

understanding our stress & anxiety

when it’s more than a bad day

check in on someone using V-A-R


Text “Brave” to 741-741 to the Crisis Text Line or call/text 988 to reach the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Both provide free, 24/7 support.

referral resources

get help cards

Four postcard-sized, takeaway cards with helpful messages of support and suggested resource.