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For more than a decade, the Send Silence Packing® exhibit has traveled the country to end the silence that surrounds mental health and suicide and connect visitors with resources for support and action.

inspire action for suicide prevention through education and advocacy

Introducing Active Minds’ newest suicide prevention program: Behind the Backpacks


Active Minds is proud to present our new digital immersive exhibit, Behind the Backpacks. Designed as both a complement to our iconic Send Silence Packing® exhibit and as a stand-alone experience, visitors to this online gallery will learn about suicide’s impact, learn how their everyday actions can help to create a new and better culture around mental health with reduced suicide rates, and share their own message of hope by answering the simple question: what would you say to someone who’s struggling?

This immersive experience is supported by generous funding from  RSM

Send Silence Packing

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Behind the Backpacks

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Send Silence Packing: Behind the Backpacks




Alison Malmon, Founder & Executive Director

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Send Silence Packing encourages people to seek out resources for themselves, friends, or loved ones. Trained professionals are on hand at each stop and thousands of mental health resources are distributed.

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Contact us today to learn how to bring this profoundly impactful exhibit to your campus or community! We begin planning each tour six-eight months in advance, so reach out early for updates as to when we may be in your area.


SPECIAL NOTE: During this period of COVID-19 school closures, we are cautiously moving forward with planning our Spring 2021 tour, offering contracts that allow for flexibility regarding potential spring semester closures and restrictions.

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Upcoming Tour Stops

Contracted tour dates listed below. Be sure to check back for updates as both Fall 2021 tours continue to book!

Tour #1: Northeast and Midwest

  • September 8 – Penn State Abington – Abington, PA
  • September 9 – University of Pennsylvania  – Philadelphia, PA
  • September 13 – Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, NY
  • September 16 – University of Detroit Mercy – Detroit, MI
  • September 20 – Baldwin Wallace University – Berea, OH
  • September 21 –  Case Western Reserve University  –  Cleveland, OH
  • September 23 –  Ohio Northern University –  Ada, OH
  • September 27 –  University of Dayton –  Dayton, OH
  • October 12 – Ohio University – Athens, OH
  • October 16 –  Harvard College –  Cambridge, MA

Tour #2: Mid-Atlantic and South

  • September 11 – Battlefield High School – Haymarket, VA
  • September 23 – Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK
  • September 27 – University of the Ozarks – Clarksville, AR
  • September 29 – University of Texas – Arlington, TX
  • October 5 –  Sam Houston State University –  Huntsville, TX
  • October 7 – University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, TN
  • October 12 –  Georgia Southern University  – Statesboro, GA
  • October 13 –  Georgia Southern University –  Savannah, GA
  • October 21 – University of West Georgia – Carrollton, GA
  • October 26 – Auburn University – Auburn, AL

Send Silence Packing® is supported by the Danny Cramer Foundation & the Noah Langholz Remembrance Fund.

Send Silence Packing was 100% the most impactful event our campus has ever done. The amount of positive feedback and moving reactions I heard were so touching. It is a day that I will never forget. It was such an honor to be a part of.

Rachel DiGangi

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