Active Minds’ @Work programming offers a fresh take on mental health in the workplace, inclusive of everyone while meeting the escalating needs and openness around mental health of the next generation of young professionals. The workplace culture is beginning to shift to be more inclusive and supportive of the mental health and wellness of its employees. Rooted in the understanding that we all have mental health and that mental wellness is a key value of the up and coming generation within the workforce, Active Minds @Work promotes employee satisfaction, longevity, and productivity.

All workshops are based on current trends and data around mental health and tailored to the needs and culture of your team/organization.

Active Minds @Work offers simple and actionable tools for the next generation of employees and employers, designed to improve the culture of mental health in high-performing environments.

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Active Minds @Work Programs

Create new dynamics of trust and honesty as they relate to sharing about mental health struggles, both between employees and managers, as well as colleagues and co-workers. This may be in the form of honest acknowledgement of our failures as we’ve advanced in our careers, skill-building for conversations related to mental health, and tips and tools for being prepared when a co-worker or employee says they’re struggling.

Enhance knowledge of mental health resources in and around the workplace through benefits, through the local community, and through national, 24/7, free resources.

Provide guidance to empower employees to navigate conversations with each other about mental health struggles, and how to identify and help someone who may be struggling silently.

Be responsive to the current work environment and create a balance for managers and employees alike between productivity and support.

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The use of microaggressions can negatively affect people’s mental and emotional well-being, with their impact often becoming more pronounced over time. CALM gives those who commit microaggressions – whether intentionally or unintentionally – the tools to correct the situation, prevent further mental distress, and help to create a more equitable world.  

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Active Minds @Work Program Packages are tailored to each team’s specific and unique needs with options to add in other areas of expertise, including diversity, equity, and inclusion; the challenges of working in a remote and/or hybrid environment; and supporting employees in unique circumstances (i.e. working parents, other caregivers, employees who live alone, etc.). 

The following options are available virtual and in-person depending on current safety guidelines of public health officials.

The number one question we’ve gotten from staff isn’t ‘where can I get help.’ It’s ‘how do I help the people around me?’ What I most appreciate about Active Minds’ model is that it’s practical, giving attendees something they can immediately apply to many situations in which they and the people around them (coworkers, loved ones, neighbors) are struggling. If you’re looking for programming for your organization, I can’t recommend Active Minds enough.

David Wohlreich

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