Transform Your Campus: Advocacy Guide

Transform Your Campus

a guide for students on how to create policy changes that result in long-term campus support for mental health

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Learn what it takes to create long-term change! Transform Your Campus® is an Active Minds program for student leaders featuring guides on how to implement advocacy campaigns on campuses. Each includes actionable ideas based on the successful efforts of Active Minds chapters at colleges nationwide.

Main Advocacy Guide

The main Transform Your Campus advocacy guide includes information on basic leadership skills such as goal and agenda setting, assessing the campus climate, building coalitions, writing project plans, and convening meetings. This guide can be downloaded below.

You’ll learn why advocacy is important, how to choose an issue, who to gather support from, and much more. Learn about the change process and how you can play a major part.

Campaign Guides

Additional campaign guides are available for achieving specific advocacy goals.

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Even before the pandemic, research showed a rise in mental health issues among students over the past decade. And among BIPOC students this increase was even more pronounced. Experts and research predict that mental health challenges will continue to rise, and will almost certainly be exacerbated for BIPOC students who are disproportionately harmed by the pandemic, police violence, and racial discrimination. What’s more, these students are less likely to receive mental health support than white students. Right now, we can – and must – prioritize BIPOC student wellbeing.

The time for change is now, and your voice is your power. Let’s get to work!

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Transform Your Campus was developed with a generous grant from Peg’s Foundation.