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Welcome to Your Voice is Your Power!

Your Voice is Your Power (YVYP) is a mental health resource hub designed for youth and young adults who are looking to begin or continue to grow in their journey as a mental health leader. YVYP is the go-to destination in the Active Minds network to guide you along the way.

Our mission: To equip and encourage young advocates with the tools and knowledge to champion mental health in schools, families, and communities. To provide a wealth of resources within the YVYP hub to drive change at the individual, peer-to-peer, family, and community levels.

These resources will be your key to sparking conversations, igniting awareness, and fostering understanding in your own life, with your peers, family, and in your community. Your Voice is our Power, and together we can work to ensure that mental health is valued and prioritized in our schools and communities.

Over the last decade there has been a rise in mental health issues among youth and young adults. Through Your Voice is Your Power, students can organize a coalition in your school, start an Active Minds Chapter, or use the self-guided resources in the expanded Resource Hub in Spring 2024.

Stay Updated!

Active Minds is currently in the process of refreshing and expanding the YVYP Resource Hub! Be on the lookout for it in Spring 2024. In the meantime, sign-up below to receive updates around the Resource Hub and to be offered select resources before the new hub goes live.

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