Anti-Racism & Inclusion Action Plan

An emotionally healthy world is not possible without a just world.


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Active Minds commits to the continued work and process of becoming a more anti-racist and inclusive (ARI) organization. This ongoing work requires us to intentionally evolve both internally and externally to keep anti-racism and inclusion as strong pillars of our organization’s identity.

 Following our publicly shared Statement on Racism, the Active Minds team created an action plan to ensure we are, and will continue to be, the anti-racist and inclusive organization we believe we are. Active Minds team members and leadership will undertake the following areas for continued work and growth and have set internal timelines for completion (ranging 30 days to 24 months) to hold ourselves accountable.


Staff and Leadership

An inclusive and anti-racist team is best achieved with a diverse team. Active Minds is committed to identifying job boards and recruitment opportunities that reach and target diverse candidates, nurturing strong networks and individual relationships that will help us maintain and grow our diversity, and clarifying ARI hiring policies to circumvent implicit biases. We will also seek to secure and maintain on-staff expertise in health equity.

Within our capacity as a small organization, Active Minds will strive to expand access to our intern program to potentially include remote options, micro-projects, school credit, and other means to allow a more economically diverse intern class to learn with and through our work.

Acknowledging that culture matters, Active Minds will support staff and managers with ARI education and awareness opportunities, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) resources. This includes our ongoing commitment as a team to identify and implement staff-led communications, discussions, and sessions that promote an anti-racist and inclusive culture.



As the leading nonprofit promoting mental health for young adults, we often partner with complementary organizations, speakers, and influencers. We commit to ensuring that we can continue to amplify, endorse, or turn to an exceptional list of organizations that benefit BIPOC communities – both for Active Minds and to support our friends and peers seeking our advice toward partners.

We know that we have room to grow, and we commit to spending the 2020-2021 fiscal year to review our existing programs and create recommendations for program development with a health equity lens. We will also investigate funding mechanisms that will break down financial barriers to our programs, including Send Silence Packing and Active Minds Speakers.

As an organization represented not only by our staff but by more than 15,000 volunteers, we will integrate ARI education and awareness into the onboarding experience for new Active Minds Ambassadors, Active Minds Speakers, interns, temporary staff, and others. We will also apply our same diverse and inclusive hiring policies when considering volunteer positions with Active Minds, including Ambassadors and Amplifiers.



In addition to publicly declaring these strategies to our community to hold us accountable, we commit to assessing our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan to reflect the initiatives represented here and will review our progress annually with and for the Board of Directors.

In full commitment to an ARI strategy, we will also review and confirm that our vetting and approval processes for high-profile partnerships support Active Minds’ values and equity goals.



These commitments are intended to last for more than a moment. We commit to transparency by publishing these goals publicly and by instituting regular internal review of our team’s progress in achieving our time-bound goals. Knowing that this is a journey and errors may be made, we will offer opportunities for our team to provide face-to-face and anonymous feedback related to experiences of racism, or gaps in equity.


An emotionally healthy world is not possible without a just world. Systemic racism is a mental health and public health crisis: changing the culture around mental health includes ending the systemic racism in that same culture. And that change starts with each organization and each individual – including us. As we continue to grow and improve we will continue to be here for you: those in the Active Minds community, and beyond. #HereForYou.