9 Tips to Help Support a Friend with Mental Illness

2 min

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

Supporting a friend with a mental health issue or in a stressful situation can be difficult. Here are 9 simple tips that will help get the conversation started. Read more about how to help a friend.

  1. Choose a suitable time.
  2. Plan out your message in advance and make it straightforward.
  3. Be honest and specific. Your friend will value what you have to say.
  4. Describe what you have been observing (behavior changes, etc.
  5. Express how you feel about what you have observed.
  6. Let your friend have a chance to talk and share their point of view.
  7. Offer recommendations as to what your friend should do next and help them get educated and connected to resources.
  8. Follow up to make sure they’re doing ok!
  9. Take care of yourself, and remember not to blame yourself!

For more information about how to help a friend, visit the Active Minds How to Help a Friend page.