9 Tips to Help Support a Friend with Mental Illness

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Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

Supporting a friend with a mental health issue or in a stressful situation can be difficult. Here are 9 simple tips that will help get the conversation started. Read more about how to help a friend.

  1. Choose a suitable time.

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2. Plan out your message in advance and make it straightforward.

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3. Be honest and specific. Your friend will value what you have to say.

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4. Describe what you have been observing (behavior changes, etc.)

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5. Express how you feel about what you have observed.

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6. Let your friend have a chance to talk and share their point of view.

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7. Offer recommendations as to what your friend should do next and help them get educated and connected to resources.

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8. Follow up to make sure they’re doing ok!


9. Take care of yourself, and remember not to blame yourself!


For more information about how to help a friend, visit the Active Minds How to Help a Friend page.