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Your Guide To New Year’s Resolutions That Support Your Mental Health

The end of the year marks new beginnings for many people. It often represents a fresh start and indicates a pivotal time to make a change. New Year’s resolutions also often present an opportunity for these changes to occur and can interact with our mental health in several ways. First, there are resolutions that can…

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How to Prioritize Self-Care During the School Year

A new school year marks a new beginning, filled with determination, optimism, and, unfortunately, sometimes nervousness, dread, or feelings of overwhelm. It’s not uncommon when things start to feel difficult for students to forgo their self-care for academic achievement. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. As we start a new semester, I instead…

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How I Manage My Daily Recovery Journey from an Eating Disorder

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly I started developing an eating disorder. Maybe it was when I started comparing myself to others, or perhaps it was when I started paying attention to caloric content and searching for weight loss methods. No matter when it started, all I know for sure is that the experiences and…

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