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Five Tips from a College Student to Form Better Sleep Habits

Sleep. It’s something that most people yearn for throughout the day but can never seem to get enough of, especially during the week after daylight savings time. I’m sure I’m not alone right now in wishing I had just a bit more rest as I move throughout my day. In addition to the more obvious…

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Depression Screening Was the First Step to My Fresh Start

It was not until my freshman year of college, in the fall of 2019, that I realized I might be suffering from depression. I was sad for no reason. Still tired after getting a good night’s rest. Something felt off.  But, to those around me, I was still functioning “normally.” I was able to go…

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Ways to Overcome Stress During Finals

It can be hard to study when a cat paces back and forth across your keyboard asking for attention, or when your dog literally takes a bite out of your homework because it fell off a cluttered desk onto the floor. The stress of final exams is real. What was once clear organization and spurts…

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