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How to Practice Self-Love (Even When It Feels Impossible)

It’s more than normal in life to want to love and be loved. Love, after all, is around us — it exists with our family, friends, neighbors, communities, in movies and on TV, and, arguably, most importantly with ourselves. But, figuring out how to practice self-love can be more difficult than learning how to love…

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New Year, Same Me: What 2023 Means for Mental Health

Let the new year begin – hello 2023! When people think of the new year, what first comes to mind, alongside fireworks and parties, is often a fresh start. Many of us are anticipating the excitement of the months ahead, crafting a list of 2023 resolutions in our notes app – including an unprecedented amount…

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Five Sunday Scaries Tips to Protect Your Mental Health

From Monday to Friday, it’s easy for our minds to be consumed by work, school, and related obligations. While going through the motions during these five weekdays, we often have the freedom and excitement that the weekend brings in the back of our minds. How will I enjoy my weekend? Who will I spend time…

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